Laser Machine

    1. Laser Engraving Machine Laser engraving machine boasts no restrictions on the workpiece shape, and it also won't cause any deformation of the workpieces. In comparison with traditional manual cutting equipment, laser engraver has high precision, smooth cutting, energy saving, high automation and more characteristics.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine A laser cutting machine refers to a cutter using laser energy to create patterns onto or cut off workpieces. It is typically characterized by precision operation and it can be used for creating a great variety of types of patterns on different types of workpieces, including acrylic, wood panel, cloth, leather and metal materials.
    1. CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine Compared with traditional manual cutting and thermal cutting, CNC laser cutting machine has characteristics like high cutting speed, high precision and it is also suitable for cutting more types of materials.

Laser, as a new type of cutting tool has been widely applied in great variety of industries. As a specialized laser machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and CNC laser metal cutting machine, and more. As a result of our tremendous efforts to reducing production cost and keeping product quality, our laser machine is widely used by customers from Britain, Italy, Iceland, America, Austria, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Our laser machine is applicable for both metal and nonmetallic materials, and during laser cutting and engraving, the workpieces will never be out of shape.
Made using high quality raw materials and due to our adoption of high performance production equipment and techniques, our laser equipment is provided with long service life and reliable performance.
So, if you have any laser cutting machine and laser engraving equipment need, please feel free to choose our CE certified laser machine.

We are located in Shandong where there are convenient transportation by sea, land and air. We welcome you to pay a visit our company directly for more information. In addition laser machinery, we can also offer CNC engraving machine, CNC plasma cutting equipment, and a thousand types of food processing equipment. We welcome you to try our products.

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