CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    1. Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Table Type LT-TD2012 table size CNC plasma cutting machine is suitable for cutting working pieces requiring precise cutting performance. Its effective cutting area is 1200*2000mm. The table size is 2500*1500mm.
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Gas Cutting Machine, Gantry Structure This plasma cutting equipment can be used to cut all kinds of carbon steel plate by using the flame cutting heads, and in the meanwhile, it can also be used to cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper and some other colored metal materials by using the plasma cutting head.

We are a major manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machine, based in China.
Plasma cutting machinery refers to cutting devices that cuts metal materials by plasma cutting techniques. It heats the raw materials until melting or evaporating by plasma arc with a high temperature and gets rid of the melted materials by plasma's momentum to form the cuts. CNC plasma cutting machine is widely used in automobile, locomotive, pressure vessel, chemical, nuclear, general machinery, engineering machinery and steel structure production industries.

With the fast development of technology, plasma cutting machine adopts working gas as well. Working gas is a kind of dielectric medium of plasma arc as well as a carrier of heat. In addition, it also has a function of removing the melted metal from the cuts. The working gas obviously improves the speed and quality of cutting.
The common used working gas includes argon, hydrogen, azotes, oxygen, air, vapor and some mixed gas.

Together with different working gas, CNC plasma cutting equipment can manage to cut the metal materials which are difficult to process in common way. So it is suitable for non-ferrous metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and nickel. When the CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut thin workpieces, its speed can be much higher. For instance, its speed can be 5 or 6 times the speed of oxygen cutting equipment. And its cuts are smooth and clean.

In addition to plasma cutting machine, we can also manufacture CNC engraving machine, laser cutting equipment, and so on. If you are searching for these products, you have come to the right place. We welcome you to purchase our products. We will be the best choice of yours.

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